Dear families in Jesus Christ,        


     Lent starts on Wednesday Feb13th, which is found by counting back from Easter 40 weekdays plus 6 Sundays.  Sunday is always supposed to be a mini-Easter, while weekdays are ordinary life.   

     Lent was established as a custom of fasting before Easter sometime after the year 500.  The fast was to prepare spiritually for Easter.  There were many different ways of observing Lent in the beginning.  A water-only fast from Good Friday to Easter morning was one way.  Another was to eat only fish for meat during the 40 weekdays before Easter.  Another was to eat only vegetables before Easter.

     Maybe fasting is a bit overwhelming to you.  But denying yourself in some way is a way to express your desire to be closer to Jesus.  There are various ways to fast.  Some people will fast all day and have one meal at 3pm each day of their fast.  This allows time to pray at breakfast and lunch time.

     Abstaining is very similar to fasting in that we deny ourselves something as a spiritual discipline. Instead of food, we refrain from TV, Movies, shopping or something else that gets in our way of prayer.  Abstaining can help us see how much the world has a grip on us.  Then we can repent and go forward in our life with Christ.

     Think about your life.  Do you want to have more love and more power from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  If so, Lent is a good practice.  Do you have a pressing challenge that you want God to help you with?  Lent is a good practice.

     Do you desire to build a personal relationship with God?  If so, Lent is a good practice.  Come to worship our Lord every Sunday, let us prepare for Easter in some way.


  Pastor, Jin Ming

   October 2018   
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